Sometimes, bravery isn’t saving a life by trading yours. Sometimes bravery is in getting up every morning and facing this world even if you don’t want to. Bravery is in the efforts you make in convincing yourself that this isn’t the end and being convinced that there’s a life ahead, full of opportunities and this is just a phase. You do not always need to believe that you have stars and galaxies inside you. One some days miracle sounds like bullshit. Sometimes realizing a beating heart and letting it beat just one more time, is enough. Counting your breaths and breathing just one more time, is enough. No matter how harsh it sounds, living for yourself is enough. Getting yourself out of this mess is enough. Existing is enough because you MATTER, you really do. So the next time when you lay in your bed and think about the valuation of your existence,do remember bravery is not always saving someone else, sometimes saving yourself is enough.


Have you ?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your mind sees your life to be perfect, but your soul feels all the way unsettled, just struggling to figure out what could be wrong ? Have you ever stared at a blank wall for hours, with a lot in your mind, yet very little in your heart ? Have you ever just looked at the waves and the territory they mark on the shore before they recede ? Have you ever just blindly heard the fan creak at 3am ? Have you ever seen your closest person walk away, and you’re right there wanting to set it right but you’re utterly helpless. Have you ever hated yourself, while you continued to adore yourself more ? Have you ever been so dead from inside, but still wanting to breathe ? Have you ever been there ? Well, we all have. And we’ve risen from the daunting darkness, with grace- stronger, more beautiful than ever. Beauty within a person grows with time and experiences. Beautiful people evolve.

Redefining Happiness.

Once, a primary school teacher set an assignment to a group of students. She asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up and some wrote down astronaut, others wrote down actor, some wrote down singer and wrote down scientists. And when she was going through these papers she noticed that one of the boys wrote down the word “Happy”. She went up to him and said “John, I think you misunderstood the assignment.” And he said “miss I think you misunderstood life.” Somewhere along the line our definition of success became blurred, it became about money. And it’s funny how the desire for power and wealth increase the speed at which we believe we need to work. So that we can supersede our peers in the rat-race.Since we’ve been young we’ve all been exposed to the definitions of happiness. The scientists and the mathematicians have the algorithms and formulas that they believe adds up the equation of happiness. We need to redefine what success means. Let’s not make happiness and success about the size of our homes but about the size of our heart. Let’s not make it about gratification but gratitude. We speak about being healthy and our well-being but we act more like human doings than human beings and therefore instead of to-do list we need to-be list. Instead of thinking about what you want to do, think about who you want to be. Do you want to be more self-aware ? Do you want to be more conscious ? Do you want to be a better person ? The three most common things that we forget when we’re rushing out of our homes is our keys, our wallets,or our mobile phone. And it’s absolutely hilarious how you run back inside. You look in all your drawers, desks and sometimes you make a mess, and then how many times have you had it that you realized that it was in your back pocket? Sometimes even in your hand. And it’s funny that our experience of happiness is so similar to this. We run around trying to find it in absolutely every place. But actually when we come back home we find out that it’s within. And therefore happiness is actually an inside Job.

Seeing Beauty Everywhere

Do we miss beauty when we see it unexpectedly ? Are we not able to observe ? Beauty observed talent is it that we miss the most amazing things in the world just because we don’t see them on television or they’re not presented to us in a certain package or in a certain box. I believe you should focus your life on observing the little things because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things. We miss the Sparks of brilliance,we miss the joys of nature,we miss the blooming of flowers, we miss all of these sensations. Reducing our pace of life doesn’t mean becoming slower or less ambitious. That actually means we take out more time to regenerate and rejuvenate and we energize ourselves. The challenge that we often confuse is the noise of our ego with the voice of intuition. Because the egos have little ears and that means we can’t hear properly. The truth is, everything has life, everything has energy but we just don’t have the eyes to see it, we don’t have the eyes to perceive, we don’t have the eyes to appreciate it. But we can actually have those. We can actually develop new ways of looking at things by simply becoming more attentive,by simply becoming more mindful,by simply becoming better observer of Reality rather than Participants.

Allow Yourself

Allow yourself to realize you are more valuable to this universe than you think. Allow yourself to be confident in your appearance and call yourself whatever you want. Allow yourself to let your mind wander to the wonderings of why we,each of us being so completely individual and Unique are alive. Allow yourself to believe in crazy dreams that, for now, seem impossible. Allow yourself to feel Love for, not only other people, but for you as well. Allow yourself to be Happy, to enjoy life, to go out, rather staying in bed. Allow yourself to focus on the positive aspect of your life, and realize that constantly worrying about every little thing will only discard the amazing triats about yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy little things in life, as they may not always last. We too often allow ourselves to get wrapped up in the negative aspects of our life, always wishing we were better,or always wishing we could’ve done something different. The fact is, we are who we are, and we were made this way for a reason. And the past ? That’s the past. Not the present, not the future. Once it’s done, it’s done. We do the things for a reason, and each of our decision alter our life in a different way. If we didn’t make the bad decisions or the good decisions, nothing in our life would ever change. The point is, you shouldn’t be scared of being happy. Don’t allow your negative thoughts to take over,as most people do. Live and love your life don’t regret anything. And especially, never forget that your existence means something more than you can fathom and you do have a point in this life, even if you may not know what it is now.


Stay kind. The world is already drowning in so much of negativity. Be the person they didn’t see coming. Overflowing with kindness, in a way that they can never empty,no matter how hard they try. Stay Kind because in this world it is so easy to stay cruel and selfish, but to stay kind it takes strength and courage. Stay kind. When times are easy. When times are tough. Mold your kindness into a shape, which cannot be changed in any circumstance. Paint it like your canvas. Use it as your weapon. Let this kindness shine light on the good and on the bad. Stay kind to those who are kind to you. But more importantly,stay kind to the unkind, because you might be the person who gives them second thought on why they choose to be unkind. Grow your Kindness like a Garden. Let the beauty of your kindness blossom. Let the strangers walking by stop to admire it. You might be the garden who makes strangers to start their own garden of kindness. Stay kind with all it takes. Stay kind. Not because you think it’ll make the world a better place. Stay kind because it will make your world a better place.

Be a Painter….

What if the “World” we have pictured is just a painting we have painted using our imagination and limited the colors of our pallette ? What if it is not what it is rather it is what we ‘think’ ? I know we all see the same traffic signals, we all see the same trees and we all see the same building. But, what about those flowers which only some of us see, and even fewer among us go and smell them ? What about those seashores, where only some of us let our feet drown in the sand. These are countless things that makes a beautiful World you know. So what I’m trying to say is when you feel like you don’t like this world or it’s ways you can just get a new palette¬†and paint a new World and maybe even a rainbow to it ? But whatever you do make sure you are the painter.